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Certainly! MedLutek International offers courses in caregiving, nurse aids, certified nurse assistant, and disability specialization. Here’s a brief overview of each class:



This course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to provide compassionate care to individuals who require assistance with daily living activities. This course covers basic caregiving skills, medication management, and infection control.

Nurse Aids

The Nurse Aids course prepares students to assist registered nurses and licensed practical nurses in providing patient care. Topics covered in this course include basic nursing skills, communication, and patient safety.

Certified Nurse Assistant

The Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) course is designed to prepare students to take the state certification exam to become a CNA. This course covers patient care, communication, and infection control topics.

Disability Specialization

This course is designed to provide students with the specialized knowledge and skills needed to work with individuals with disabilities. This course covers the different types of disabilities, adaptive equipment, and communication techniques.

All of our courses are taught by experienced instructors who are passionate about healthcare education. We provide our students with a comprehensive curriculum covering theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed in the healthcare industry.
Additionally, upon completion of the course, our students receive certifications from recognized bodies such as the American Caregiving Association and the CPD, which are internationally recognized and highly regarded by employers in the healthcare industry.

About Our Courses

The theoretical aspects of our courses are taught through online classes, which students can access from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. These online classes cover topics such as patient care, anatomy and physiology, infection control, and communication skills and are taught by experienced instructors passionate about healthcare education. The online classes are interactive and engaging, with various multimedia content to help students understand the concepts and skills necessary to succeed in their careers.

For the practical component of the courses, students attend partnered hospitals within their locality of training to receive hands-on training in clinical settings. During these practical sessions, students work with experienced healthcare professionals and gain real-world experience in patient care. This valuable component is essential to ensure our students are well-prepared to enter the healthcare industry and provide high-quality patient care.

Our combination of online and practical classes provides our students a flexible and convenient way to complete their coursework while still receiving a comprehensive healthcare education. This approach is particularly beneficial for students with busy schedules, who live in remote areas or prefer to study at their own pace. By combining online classes with practical sessions, our students receive the best of both worlds and can prepare themselves for successful careers in the healthcare industry.